Fast track your cloud-led digital transformation and improve application responsiveness.

StarCloud has direct connections to many public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Ucloud, Baidu Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud, JDCloud, Qing Cloud, Inspur Cloud, etc.

Relying on the basic network infrastructure composed of more than 100 nodes and PoPs, as well as the network ecosystem of our domestic and foreign partners, including public cloud, ISP, IDC, basic network/resident network, SD-WAN, etc., StarCloud can provide clients with fast and secure global cloud connectivity services by implement the following different scenarios for clients to optimize the user experience in accessing to public clouds.

Enterprise Cloud Migration

Connect the enterprises to the public cloud through private lines, SD-WAN or other services to help enterprises quickly migrate to the cloud and build a high-quality private network.

Multi-cloud Interconnection

Through the StarCloud backbone network and prefabricated cloud interconnetion, data interaction between private cloud-public cloud, public cloud-public cloud can be quickly completed.

Hybrid Cloud Networking

The StarCloud backbone network has been connected to major IDCs and public clouds, partners and customers can quickly complete the data interaction between IDC-public cloud, IDC-IDC through the StarCloud cloud interconnection platform.

How you can be benefit?
Rapid Deployment

With rich resource and wide coverage, you can deploy the cloud connectivity through SD-WAN, and the construction period is fast and controllable.

Flexible Access

Enterprises can quickly migrate the business to the clouds through various connection methods such as dedicated local loop and SD-WAN.

Comprehensive Usage Scenarios

Three common application scenarios to meet different needs.

Wide Coverage

With a huge basic network and partner ecosystem, the service area covers a wide range.