Gateway to global coverage boosts your business performance.

With our rich network resources covering the world, including 20+ domestic POPs, 20+ overseas POPs and 130+ national nodes, StarCloud can quickly and conveniently provide clients with mainland China/Hong Kong dedicated local loop, mainland China-Hong Kong cross-border private lines, overseas cross-border private lines and network services. The company provides various types of network services including dark fiber, SDH, DWDM, Metropolitan Area Network, Layer 2 MPLS, Layer 3 MPLS VPN, etc. A single private line can provide a maximum bandwidth of up to 100Gbps. We are able to provide cost-effective, readily available, and secure high-quality network solutions for clients' complex network needs.

China national network

Global network

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How you can be benefit?
Flexible Network Interface

It has the ability to provide services for different networks such as SDH, DWDM, Ethernet to meet the different needs of customers.

High Availability

Different types of protection schemes can be selected, up to 99.99% service availability:

Multi-select protection for submarine cables;

Protected local loop with diverse routes; 

Backbone network with ring protection.


For different leased lines/network services, there are different mechanisms to ensure the isolation and security of the end-to-end network of customers:

SDH/DWDM: the underlying mechanism ensures security;

Metropolitan Area Network: VLAN Technology

MPLS: MPLS label mechanism protection

Flexible Network Topology

Through the combination of different network resources, it caters to the customized needs of customers for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and full mesh network topology.


We can support the customized requirements like Jumbo Frame, Q-in-Q, etc.