Build flexible and scalable data communication between your DCs worldwide.

StarCloud's interconnected integrated network built among the data centers in major cities across the globe, and the large-capacity high-speed channels among the data centers, covering more than 500 DCs, creates a flexible and convenient global network for you and improves your access experience.

How you can be benefit?
A Wider Coverage

Cover 70% of popular DC providers;

NNI interconnection with popular DC providers;

Cover over 500 DCs worldwide.

More Stable Network Services

Layer 2 network services;

Perfect redundancy mechanism;

Support single-line/multi-lines with main and backup;

Customized SLA;

Business Visualization Management.

Flexible Bandwidth Requirement Configuration

Customers can configure different bandwidths according to the needs of daily workloads, burst data and major projects to meet the needs of different business bandwidths.

Safe And Reliable Network Interconnection

Always achieve low latency and high throughput interconnects. Through a proprietary interconnected private network, the confidentiality and reliability of customer data are guaranteed.