Enable trading success with secure, low-latency networking and exchange.

StarCloud, as a global network services provider, has diverse and redundant ultra low latency connectivity to most exchanges in China, like SHFE, SSE, SGE, CCFEX, SSCC, SZSE, HKEX, CZCE, DCE,, etc. We also connect to a global capital markets ecosystem, including key major financial exchanges and crypto exchanges in the world. The solution is constructed purely for speed to make every second count and enable trading success. 

In capital markets, low latency empowers algorithmic trading to react to market events faster than competitors in order to increase the profitability of trading. For instance, an arbitrage strategy (buy low, sell high) looks for mispricing assets in the hope that their values will revert to mean, followed by asset parity. Yet such opportunities may only exist for a few milliseconds before they disappear.  This is where low latency comes into play, identifying such sweet moments before they are long gone. 

Time is money, and even more so for financial transactions where speed determines the magnitude of profitability. Network quality has become the fundamental factor affecting the efficiency of internet financial services, and lower network latency enables information to be obtained faster so that automated trading can make executions to capture trade gains.